14' YZ450F FI/IG Maps

I have the base maps you get from Yamaha but I need a Woods style map. It's hard to find a map for the 2014 that will pull power out when I go riding in some technical trails. I know the heavy flywheel would help but I don't want that feel all the time. Just when I go woods riding. Anyone care to share their Maps? These are the ones I've been using.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1454121394.647195.jpg

 I know the heavy flywheel would help but I don't want that feel all the time. 


There is no "feel" associated with the heavier flywheel, other than an engine that pulls more smoothly at low speeds. 

The mid to hard pack is similar to what I use in my 2011. The key there being easy to ride.

That map will smooth out the power making the bike more manageable in the slow stuff.

A heavier flywheel will probably benefit you regardless of where you are riding. I was a skeptic too. The engine seems to run smoother, start better, is less prone to stalling. It did lose a little of that raging bull, snort but losing that made the bike easier to ride and control throughout a long day on the track or trail.

The ignition and fuel changes will have a greater effect to "feel" than anything.

You ever worry about leaning the bike out and adding timing? Seems like a bad idea.

No and it's not. Yamaha supplied a simple tuner for us simple folks to make changes to their complex machines. I doubt Yamaha's legal department would allow us the ability to tune our engines to the point of inducing engine damage. Especially with mapping supplied directly from them.

Try it, ride it. Try all of the Yamaha supplied maps, make notes and then make changes to tune your bike the way you want it. I spent a full day testing, loading and reloading maps. I finally settled on that one as it worked the best in the enduro style terrain I typically ride and with the leaner low throttle setting I get better fuel economy than before.

I'm out of town for a few days but when I get home I'll see exactly what I've tuned. And I've been using it for almost 3 years with no changes.

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You ever worry about leaning the bike out and adding timing? Seems like a bad idea.


For one thing, it's not a two stroke. 4T's will start running really bad long before they're lean enough to hurt themselves, and the tuner doesn't make changes in particularly large increments, either.  It's safe. 

I use +2


+1 on all the fuel and all 0's on timing for the tight single track and with my rekluse it's works well, helps with the hit down lowland smoothes it out a bit

I'm gonna play with the tune today and see what happens. I'll report back on how it goes.

I finally got home and was able to check my bike. I was surprised to find the map that was loaded.


0 0 0

-1 0 0

-3-2 0


0 0 0

-3-1 0

-3-3 0

I think that was a self made map and have no idea when I loaded it but as I said I've been pleased with the off-road characteristics and fuel economy and don't recall playing with the mapping in a couple of years. I guess I'll be tuning again on the next ride day.

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Yeah, that's looks like it might be custom made.

I've been playing with different tunes. Only in the sand though. Tomorrow I'm gonna go ride at some trails and see how the different tunes do.

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