Fork oil question?

How do I add more fork oil to my 93 xr600r?

With your bike on a stand and the handlebars loose:

1. Loosen your upper triple clamp bolts.

2. Loosen your fork caps and inspect your O rings.

3. You will need to hold your fork cap with a wrench and

loosen the "lock nut" on the end of the rod. The rod

will fall down into the fork tube-that's OK.

4. You will need to place something under the front wheel

to completely collapse the front forks (wood blocks, or

maybe a floor jack).

5. Pull out the fork springs and any preload spacers and

washers that may be on top of them.

6. With the forks completely collapsed measure from the top

of the fork tube - the oil level should be between 135mm

(5.31 in) -115mm (4.53in) from the top of the fork tube.

I'm using 5wt fluid (Honda SS-7) at 120mm.

7. Put everything back together in reverse order with the

following torques:

lock nut under fork cap: 60nm (43ft lbs)

fork cap: 23 NM (17 ft lbs) coat the Orings w/ some oil

upper pinch bolts 28 NM (20 ft lbs)

handlebar pinch bolts: 27NM (20 ft lbs)

Have fun it's not as bad as it sounds. :)

thanks for the useful information. :)

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