Motor compatibility

Buddy grenaded his 05 450f. Hole in the front of the cylinder. Can a newer, 06+ motor swap into the older style frame? If so, what is required to do so?

Going to a tight fit, i would figure you would need new engine mounts, the carb boot may need some adjustment

I tested fitted an 06 yz engine in an 06 wr frame (steel frame) and clearances where a big issue(couldnt even get the plug cap out) so didnt go forward with it

The '06'-09 450 has the cylinder oriented more vertical than the Gen1 engine, which tilts forward slightly.  As said, this reduces clearance at the top to an impractical level, and shoves the carb back too close to the air box and frame tubes.  Not a good fit at all.

Got it. Thanks for the help guys

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