What do you think?

I got a little water in my oil and over reacted thinking it was my water pump seals. With out taking anything apart I ordered all the seals, a bearing, a 2000 pump shaft and all the gaskets and o-rings for the right side cover.

Well turns out the seals are not passing but the shaft has a few mark (like grooves but I could not feel them with my finger nail) on the shaft where the seals ride.

Do you think I can get away with just putting the new shaft in the old seals and saving the new ones for when they start to pass? :) Of course I would clean them up and put a film of grease on the shaft and use the new gasket and o-rings.

Better change everithing. It will hold up a long time after. Or you may regret it, when you overheat your engine, bcause of sudden water loss...

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