Hebo or Magura Clutch????

I don't care what the price tag is on either unit, I'm just wondering which one is the most durable, trouble-free, easiest pulling unit. Thanks for any help. Also if anyone knows a good place to get either one at a good price.

I bought the Hebo from e-rider for $189.00. It seems to be good quality, but I have not tried it yet (motor in shop). I have never found anyplace on the web to buy a Magura, but the built in comp release would sure be nice.

Last year I bought the Hebo unit for 167$, they had a special on it... I`m totally satisfied with this unit, very easy to install and significantly eased the pull. I can literally use one finger only.... before I had to use 2-3 depending on how tired I was. From past posts on this subject I`ve learned that the Hebo has an easier pull than the Magura and it`s a better built unit... it`s a steel braided line that is bolted to the slave & master cylinders and the magure is a press fitted rubber hose... The fact that the magura has a built in decomp lever is very nice but the fact that it`s a press fitted rubber hose vs a steel braided bolted hose on the hebo got me to buy the hebo. It`s going to be very tight on the left side of your bars but it all fits. Personally it`s a mod that is well worth the money.


forgot to give you the address...

go to www.erider.ws

I just had a Hebo installed last week for a race last Saturday. Let me tell you that this is by far the best move any 426 owner, who hates clutch action, can do. The stock clutch is ok, but I found that it wore me out more than just about anything else racing this bike. The force to pull it in after a while is very tiring. I contemplated the Clutch arm mod, but after some research decided that the heat within the clutch generated by this modification to the clutch arm would be more destructive in the long run for a little less tension. The Hebo is a 1 finger clutch, smoooth as butter & a breeze to install. I even hid the slave cylinder out of the way, behind the radiator as I did not want it next to the cylinder. The race was awesome, the clutch was too easy to use & I did not suffer the fatique that the stock clutch offers. I also suggest that you purchase the CR style hebo lever, from GasGas, as the lever that comes on the Hebo is not to good.

I have been using a Magura on my '02 426 since new. It has worked flawlessly. I like the Magura because the parts are readyly available. They are stock components on KTMs. Very nice pull and real reliable.

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