New to me 06 YZ 450 valve question

That means I had nearly .5mm of clearance....

Was the center valve even opening??

Oh well, guess I'll be taking the head off.

Does removing the valves that are in spec hurt anything cause I'm sure they're worn into a certain position... so will it hurt anything taking them out and putting them back?

Anything special I ought to be looking for?

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I would shim it, ride it and keep a log (like my previous post)


You might still have 100+ hours left in that valve.

Going by this pic I'm going to guess that the stem tip is wearing causing the valve clearance to widen instead of tighten...

Based on this I'm going to shim it out and keep an eye on them.

Hopefully I'll get through this season with no issues.

I'll go ahead and buy the stuff to do a complete head a little at a time and just be ready to do it all at once when they start tightening up...

$420 plus seats is a bit much for me all at once.

Thanks for the info and advice

2016-02-12 23.51.12.jpg

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