Does someone have any feedback on the asterisk cell knee braces?? Worth it or not??

I bought a pair a few weeks ago and they seem to work well. Reasonably comfortable but the webbing on the back of the leg can chaff a bit. They do hold the knee tightly and fit well.

I've had a pair since last July and I really like them. I have to say though that I don't have anything to compare them to as I've never wore braces up until now. I find them comfortable and very secure and as for chaffing, mine came with a lycra under sock so that has not been a problem. Also, I slid out to the right dragging my left foot in one crash where I believe I would have done extreme damage to my left knee (old recurring injury) and I came away with minor damage. For me wearing them while riding has become second nature and I don't notice them. Sort of like seat belts!

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I got mine a month and a half ago. I paid $559 with shipping and I received the 4 days later. Ive used them once at the track and had a couple things break. The upper left plastic thigh cuff shattered into pieces which I did not notice until I took my riding pants off and little plastic pieces fell into the bed of the truck. On the right, a button that connects the inner-lower calf elastic popped apart. This damage occured without a fall. I called asterisk the next day and told them about it. The lady I spoke with was very eager to make things right with me. I found out while talking to her that the braces were too tight. I have the xtra large size and I could barely get the elastic around my legs. Ive never used braces before so I wasnt sure how tight they were supposed to be. I had a hard time sitting down with them on, needless to say I stood up alot that night. The plastic cuff probably shatterd from the tension of me trying to bend my leg. She had me send the braces back and she made a note to have the elastic lenthened and everything else repaired. I got them back 2 1/2 weeks later. I haven't used them yet but they do fit much better, I can feel the support they give by just walking around the house in them. The repairs didnt cost me anything either, they have a 6 month warranty against defects in materials and 1 year on the frame and hinges. Sorry this post is long winded but I hope it helps. The braces broke but they were eager to remedy everything - excellent customer service. I'll be able to go to riding next week and try them again. If you want to know how it goes make a post and I'll reply back.

I've had mine for 6 months now and they were worth every cent!

I bought them to help me with my knees that I tore while riding last year (long story).

Well last weekend I had a big get off and broke my foot and K/O'd myself as well. When I had finally got back to the pits and was taking my gear off, I found that I had torn the hinges clean out of my left brace! My knee was ok besides some minor cuts from the hinges. So I swear by them now! (I am buying a new left brace from Jeff at MX

In Australia they are really Xpensive and hard to justify purchasing $2000 a set. When you have a crash like I had it justifies the purchase.

Make sure that you measure up perfectly as to avoid the problems that the other two guys have had and always wear the under skin.

Ride safe, 5 weeks 2 go in plaster :)

About asterisk knee braces, or; (I have the CTI2's basically same thing and made by same company.

If you ride or race a dirt bike and these braces are not the first thing you put on before riding all I cann say is that you are the only person I know who is impervious to leg or knee hyper extension and if any one knows waht I'm talking about IT HURTS, or breaks!

I have had mine for going on 2 years now, I am new getting back to the sport and have one bad knee.

I bought the pair, yes they are expensive but can be be absorbed through your medical plan at work, you will need to visit your Doc to explain why you need etc. (check yr plan at work first)

They work BIG TIME, I have had my bike fall on my legs, pretty sore after, braces were marked up, pants torn but I got up and rode home.

All i will say is that these braces will likely become as popular as every other person you see wearing a FOX baseball cap.


I use a pair of tree branchs I tie them to each side of my legs and wrap em real tight with an ace pandage and Duc Tape, Hey they look funny but at least I am saving 6 hundred bucks.

Throwing it Sideways Tones the Muscles

Hey EGO, I would worry about a stick in the A hole, but Thats just me, If your into that then you get to save the $.


I have twisted my knees snowboarding , and riding, and know that I should save them if I can.

Knees ain't cheap!

I've had them for 7 months of hard use with NO problem.

And they have kept me out of the hospital...and let me "nurse" a BAD knee back to health.

talk to Greg, @

i wore a pair of asterisks till recently

ive since brought some donjoy extreme braces.

while the asterisk were good

my new extreme braces are in a diferent legue

far tougher and more comfortable

also my tank graphix are holding up much better


If I wernt so erogant I would think that was a personal stab. anyway Love to chat Tata

I am sorry about the SMALL typo. BTW, I got them from a pal in the US for half the price you said you paid for them only, brand new :) Kind regards Ric.......................................... :D

you got em for $150 each huh?,

list price over here is £600 for 2

which = about $800 to $900

ASSuming your purchase was genuine

would seem here in the uk we dont get sucha good deal

maybe you know someone connected with the manufacturer,

odd how you would want to buy from someone in the uk

hey i was thinking

at ur price u can import em and still make a killer profit.

hey id even drive down to london and pick some up.

by this time next year,,,,,we could be milionares

hey man enjoy ur braces

So Mark UK, Why will you not sell me your Asterisk if bumjoys are so good ?

i thought i replied???

mine are too big

nice attitude btw

but hey if ur so keen to buy em,,,,,

id sell em both to you for hmmmmm £480

then u can worry about em not fitting you when u get em home

Remember this mark ? This is why I got on to my mate over the pond coz he said they were only $540.Mark_UK

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i paid if i remember right just under £400 for em each

nice product.

but ive found my new braces a lower profile and more comfortable,,hope this helps


"when the dust storm comes,,, they say the devil rides in"


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