YZ426f vs YZ250 race

Both of them will slip the same approximate amount.  The numbers come from real world observations, and 6% was based on knobbies on asphalt.  Either way, the 426 is geared higher, and revs higher, and packs about 5-7 more horsepower.  Both bikes in any kind of good health will top out well ahead of a quarter mile, so it will become s speed contest sooner or later.


In the SoCal deserts, I race against YZ's and other two-stroke 250's all the time (it's a mass start; all classes in each of two skill levels go off together), and all of them complain about the same thing anytime the course runs across a lake bed or a long section of high speed flats; "I could have kept up if I had more gearing/top end".  Otherwise, it's a pretty even deal. 

Yeah, but you have WR 3-4-5 gears - do they? If you had the factory gears, wouldn't you be in the same boat? I know the 1-5 ratios are about the same between 06 YZ450F and 99+ YZ250, but I'm not sure about the primary and secondary reductions. My WR450 will out run my close ratio YZ250 on a straight, period. The bikes have similar power, albeit much different deliveries, but in a drag race, I'd pick the YZ250. Not a 1/4 mile drag race - that's for street vehicles - but in a long start to the first turn kind of drag race, maybe 300-400 feet or something.

The fact that he spells it "Rode" sums up this thread perfectly

Yeah, but you have WR 3-4-5 gears - 


Yes, but I used to hear that complaint long before I added those.  The fact remains that the 426 is a bigger, more powerful engine with longer legs, and there ain't nothin' you can do about that. 

I'll think of something. This is my second favorite type of thread.

So if the 250 tops out at 66mph given a long enough road my YZ125 would also out run it. Completely stock with the exception of an fmf pipe I have seen 68mph on my gps on the lake beds. Maybe it is the aerodynamics of my 6'3 225 frame. I would think the 250 would be able to at least hit a gearing limited low 70s.

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