Fast YZ250F

I race a bone stock 250f in the 250cc class at the local races, I have been able to pull one holeshot and have placed as high as second place,I am planning on racing it in the open four stroke class this spring. curious to see if anyone has had any luck against two strokes or larger four strokes on their 250f

Add just about any aftermarket exhaust and rejet and you should be able to race whatever class you want. That is the best thing about these bikes, you can race any class you want. I've seen it done. Yamaha must have intentionally overdesigned the stock exhaust to "hide" extra power and keep protests down. The differnce is night and day. If you think it's a 125 eater stock, just wait untill you uncork it. Mine feel closer to a 2 stroke 250 than a 125, powerwise.

I used to race a Turbo Blown Mo-ped in the Open Class, it was a bitch to start though

Your only as fast as your mind can dream


What type of exhaust did you put on your 250F?

FMF Power core 4 silencer with powerbomb header. After some rejetting the gains are pretty awesome. I have added pipes to all four bikes I have owned in the past and this one(the yzf) gained the most power of any of them. Just about any pipe you put on will give you a gain over stock.

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