2016 yz450f aftermarket exhaust

Hey there everyone! I was wondering if anyone had a 2016 yz450f and could help me with picking a good aftermarket exhaust. I'm thinking about going with the fmf 4.1 but any input would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to know how your system did for your bike top end, mid power, bottom end all that stuff... Thanks guys

I'll be the bad guy, why?

Why not work on suspension, maybe some additional goodies to suit the terrain you ride? Wasting a $1000 on an exhaust is pointless unless you need to replace it from damage. A Yamaha tuner will go much farther then an exhaust...

Planing on doing the suspension also through enzo. I mainly ride tracks I had a Rmz450 before this just wondering about other people's set ups

I hear ya Monk, the exhaust is more like a bling factor though it does free up the engine a bit. You can find the Dr.D full NS-4 for just over $325 and the the power tuner for $200. Thumbs up on the tuner it really helps. I feel you'd have to be a hell of a rider to out ride the stock suspension, it's pretty good if your in the target weight range.

I love the suspension I'm just gonna get it valved. So far it's the best bike I've ever had!

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