09 WR450 Odometer Issues

Just bought a 09 wr450 a couple days ago, having a problem with the odometer showing incorrect speeds.

Sitting at idle it shows speeds anywhere from 130-170+ kmh.

Reading a few of the threads on here i tried two things, Taking the part off that reads the speeds from the hub and cleaning it

and buying new fuses, This did not fix the problem.

My battery is dead flat though and holds no charge, does the odometer need the battery to show speed correctly?

If not, any idea's on what it could be?


If this issue is too much of a pain in the ass, how does one go about installing a trail tech odometer system with sensers rather than a mechanical hub?



Fix your battery

Replace the odo battery if it has one

Will install new battery on Wednesday as for odometer battery, is there a guide to pulling the odometer battery out? I couldnt figure if my odometer came apart or not, didn't find any screws on it

Battery Fixed the issue, odometer showing correct speeds now. 

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