Daytona SX

Good ride by Tim Ferry today, it's nice to see the 426 up front again.

I hope Tim can keep it going now, I think he has a lot of potential yet to come.

I agree. I was excited to see him up there.

What happened to Pastrana? They never showed how he crashed.


i DONT think pastrana wrecked i think i heard

that it was heat-stroke.

[ March 09, 2002: Message edited by: Static-X ]

I don't think they caught the chrash on tape. He was lying in the same area RC ate it in during his heat race though. He was unconsious, so add one more concussion. They did say something about heat x. I love the kid, but I'm really concerned that his longevity in the sport will be short lived. I hope he gets dialed in on 250's before he has to retire. RC is quickly catching MC. Without Travis, he'll get there a lot quicker.

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