are WR450 & YZ450 plastics interchangeable?

Hi guys!


I am despirately looking for a set of black plastics for my 2004 wr450.
To my knowledge and searching on the net they do not exist in black for this year and model, but i have read a few forums from about 10 years ago saying that the yz plastics will fit, i have also read another that says they don't fit due to the wr having a quick release airbox so now i am a bit confused do they fit or not? :bonk:  is it just the side panels that don't fit? could i fit them with some mods and if so what mods would have to be done?

i am hoping some one with a bit more knowledge and experience with these bikes can help me out?  :rolleyes:

I put a yz tank, shrouds and number plates on my 03 wr450.

To make it look right you have to get the seat foam from a yz and put iton the wr pan. To do this the yz foam has to be shaved to fit on the wr pan due the shape of the pan for the battery which the yz doesnt have.

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