Will a 2015 front fender go on an 2007?

Will a 2015 " NEW STYLE" front fender go on an 2007?

I want the new style fender and I am pretty sure they will fit.

Yes but you will have to drill out the new hole locations to match.

Buy a UFO Yamaha restyle front fender, $30-ish, comes in lots of colors, and it'll bolt right on.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1454603836.353719.jpg

2006 with a 2015 fender. Bolts right on.

attachicon.gifImageUploadedByThumper Talk1454603836.353719.jpg

2006 with a 2015 fender. Bolts right on.

Your sure?   You have done it?  I believe you, just dont want to order a fender and then have to ship it back.

And I have now gotten 3 different answers   I thought it would bolt on myself

Well your pic shows it on there  LOOKS much better  cool bike.

I just got a yz450 that has been in the crate We just opened crate in Dec of 2015 and only have ridden it once  its feaking brand new  got it for $2000

The real, '10 or later front fender matches one of the two pairs of mounting bolts perfectly, but not the second, so you have to drill a pair of holes right next to two of the others.  On the other hand, a couple of the aftermarket plastics folks sell late style fenders that do in fact bolt directly onto the earlier bolt pattern.  

Well it does not bolt on for sure. Holes are off both directions.

I should have listened to the other guys who said get aftermarket new fender that is made to fit.

I could not find one for some reason.


If it helps any, that's roughly what the holes need to look like for the newer fender. It's an easy job. The UFO restyle fender that I mentioned above, and other brands' offerings for this as well, bolt right up.

Cycra offers the new style fender for 06-09 YZFs

Just to add a +1 that the restyle fender fits great and is very reasonably priced. Keep in mind when you buy graphics you have to get the front fender graphics for a 15.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1455762875.616081.jpg

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