Canadian '04 WR450 > Throttle Stop, Grey Wire ???

Just picked up my '04 WR450F, and yes it is a Canadian bike. So...does the throttle stop, and grey wire mod apply to the Canadian bike ?

A bunch of us are also heading to Moah, Utah for a week in April. Any suggestions for changing the jetting for the 4000ft altitude ? It is stock right now.

Thanks for any help in advance !!!

Mark :)

from what I understand the you dont need to do the Grey wire mod on a canadian bike, I am unsure on the throttle stop mod.As for jetting I understand the canadian bike doesnt have the pencil-sized exhaust hole on it like the USA models, if you plan to go to after market exhaust which I would suggest, then you will want to change your jetting. If you check out most TTer's signature line they are running: 168-170 mains, 45-48 pilot and 1-1/2-1-3/4 on the pilot air screw, Im unsure how this compares to the canadian model stock setup. I would also recomend the JD jetting kit, it contains as well a needle for higher altitudes and the needles are better than stock performance wise.

WR 450 Freak, How much did you pay for your ride. I'm about to put a final payment on my WR & would like to know if my price quote was good.

$ 8,600.00 OTD. :)

Yes, do the throttle stop mod & and the grey wire. Get an insert for the exhaust. Get an adjustable fuel screw and the JD kit (and follow the directions for your altitude). Should be all you need.


wow, that is a really good deal.Gashira are you paying cash {or bank draft}?

any way, i just got my 04 :canada:WR450. i am also interested in what people know of the differences between the 04 :) and the 04 :D bikes.

i just un crated mine and pulled out the but plug in the exhaust and went riding. soon I'm popping out the holes in the air box and rejeting.

what are you guys running for jets? on yank or Canadian bikes. my manual says that my bike is a "WR45F(S)" model 5TJ7, the same as AUS and NZ. the stock jetting actually looks leaner the the US model, and a different needle.

I paid cash. They said they will throw in a helmet as well.

$8,600.00 OTD. 2 months warranty. He is going to call me when the auditor leaves. He only comes by once a month to pick up transactions. I hope to put on a thousad miles within that time.

I can leave from my garage & ride a 5 mile circuit that looks like something straight out of a GNCC !!!


It is heaven, with trails galore. No traffic either.

I gota get some pics.

I can go for two hundred miles without ever seeing pavement. Yes, from my garage. :D

No grey wire or throttle stop to modify on the Cdn. bike. :cool:You're gonna need rejetting though! :D I ran with a 160MJ, 45PJ, needle OBDUQ-4 & air screw @ 1.5 at Deals Gap (3000-5000)last year.Have fun! :D All different jetting at home. You'll figure it out. :)

Yup I'm with launch zone.

The Canadian bikes do not need the throttle stop or blue wire mod.My 2003 wr did not have a removable exhaust insert so I bought a new take off yzf pipe -(bought from a racer who put a PC pipe on his new yzf). Not sure about the 04's.Open up the exhaust or put a pipe on it.

Open up the airbox and rejet.

BTW I paid $8560 OTD GST included for my 2003.

Seen the 04 at the dealer. Could get a 04 for the same price. :)

Thanks for the mods help guys !! Is there anywhere that anyone has pics of their airbox mods for the '04 WR450 ?

I'm taking the beast out for the first time this coming weekend.

Launchzone > This is Mark from me !!

By the way, I got my '04 out the door for $8400 :)

i don't have pics and haven't looked yet but i think you just take off the LH side cover and pop them out. I'm doing mine and re jetting today.

any one have an idea what i should start jetting with. but plug out and holes popped of the air box. i am planning on re jetting endlessly to get it

Those are all good prices. Remember in NFLD he is paying provincial tax as well as GST, so that is a great price. :)

I should have read all these post before I did the "Grey Wire mod" on my Canadian bike...However, my bike seems to run great. Because I yanked the wire on my bike before I even started it should I reconnect it? What the impact if I leave it disconnected? :thumbsup:

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