Tank options 2005 WR450F (Acerbis input)

Alright, so I think I want a bigger tank for my bike since I do a lot of longer rides with no fuel available. Searching old threads, it seems that Clarke and Acerbis are the preferred ones for the 03-06 series. I want to get an Acerbis because it's bigger (3.3 vs 3.1), cheaper and also seems fairly pretty slim.


Just want to confirm:

-In pictures it seems pretty slim. Is it as skinny as stock? If not, still comfortable to ride with? 

-Stock shrouds fit no problem or does one need ZY shrouds? Site says WR shrouds fit, but some people seem to say one needs YZ shrouds... Kind of confusing.

-Build quality of the gas cap is good? Same threading as the stock one or different? Meaning, can we use the stock gas cap or does it need to be acerbis? No leaks from the bottom?

-Does it block off access to the carb?

-What's the deal with the fuel petlock? Seems to be a bit of an issue with zero-access/the fuel line heating up big time. I personally never turn off my petlock, but switching to reserve is obviously a must. 


Here's an old thread discussing the fuel line problem:




Any input appreciated. 

I'm running the Clark. I really like the size and ergonomics and it diverts the hot air off my legs. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1455348191.449229.jpg

I think any bigger and you run into issues. Just my 2 cents.

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