Will a Yz426 head work on a Yz400

I was wondering if anyone could help me, my Yz400 needs a new head(has a hairline freeze crack on outside that I think is starting to crack on the inside)

I got the bike from previous owner this way, bike has ran OK and I've gone out on hour long rides here and there around the city.

I just started it up and she's spittin white smoke out the exhaust and after it cooled down I opened the radiator cap and can see any fluid(usually Its full)

So I'm thinking the head finally went.

I found a guy nearby that has a 00-02 yz426 head that's "Ready To Bolt And Go"

Will the 426 head work on my 400?

Is there anything I'll need to change out or will it be bolt and go?

Here's a few pix of the current Yz400 head..

Previous owner put the JB Weld

I want to save this bike, I got the bike on a trade basically $200 and its California plated now also.

Thanks for any help...

Lmk if any more info is needed.






The 426 head will fit.  Have the cylinder carefully inspected before trying to use it.

Thanks... I'm still looking into which option in going to go with

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