2016 WR450 removing throttle stop

Since this looks like a pain in the arse for something that should be easy here you go.

These are the tools I used to remove the throttle stop. They came from harbor Freight. One is a security torx bit and the other is a 8mm wrench that turns the bit. tool_zpsj6qm9erf.jpg


This is a picture of the throttle body. I used I believe a 12mm long button head allen screw I had laying around. The GYTR screw is longer and came with a nut that goes on the inside of the throttle body. If you don't want to take everything apart to get the nut on, I believe the screw I used tightened down should do the trick. All the short screw is doing is keeping the dust out and is not suppose to fall out.  IMG_2806_zpsisri6k3b.jpg

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