2016 WR450F ~ New Zealand

Morning, Chaps. 


Hey, FinBike. Thanks for the heads up. I should have looked in the box of bits, as last night I got home from a short run-in ride and modified the existing side stand pivot bolt (chopped off the bolt-stud and stretched the spring over the frame-stud). Doh. I had a wee tantrum trying to keep the side-stand down and push a rock under it on the soft beach. I've replaced the modified bolt and cam-plate with the proper YMC parts and the modified bolt is now hiding in the 'drawer of shame'. 8^)-


Short 50km ride up State Highway 1 yesterday, down the Kowai River bed and along the Leithfield Beach. Brilliant day. Beach to myself. 


Loaded up the YMC Competition Map for the ride. It was pretty sensitive in the tight stuff, I needed to change up a gear or two and 'tractor it' to calm the throttle down. It was mega in the soft beach sand/rocks though. Soooo much power! 


2.5 litres over 50kms, so 150kms range at the moment. Just taking it very gently at the moment as the engine and suspension beds in. I fully expect economy to drop like a stone once the throttle is opened up. 


Loving the 47 rear sprocket, just relaxes it nicely for road work and takes the edge off in the lower gears. Might have to remove a chain link as I'm right at the limit of the axle adjusters. 


These are the maps that I currently have loaded. I'll report on the other maps as I try them out. 


Gaz. 8^)-



WR450F ~ Power Tuner Maps



Map 1 ~ ‘Zero’ 

Fuel          Ign

0    0    0     0   0   0

0    0    0     0   0   0

0    0    0     0   0   0



Map 2 ~ ‘Competition Trim’ (YMA Tech Launch)


0   1   -2       1   2   4

1   2   -2       2   2   2

1   2    0       1   0   1


~ ADR restrictors removed, large outlet in endcap. 

~ More fuel at lower revs for added torque. 

~ Less fuel up top to generate more revs. 

~ Ignition advanced across the board to allow engine to rev. 



Map 3 ~ ‘Traction’

1   5   3       0   -2   2

2   4   2      -1   -2   1

2   2   2      -1   -2   1


~ Richer fuel at lower revs, power comes on less abruptly. 

~ Builds power in a smoother, torquier, more progressive way. 

~ Retarding ignition bottom and mid acts like traction control. 



Map 4 ~ ‘Muffler’

1   2   3      0   1   2

1   2   2      1   1   3

1   1   2      1   3   3


~ Less restrictive pipe = more responsive, punchy power.

~ More fuel used (except at low revs, to avoid flame outs). 

~ More ignition advance across the board. 



Map 5 ~ ‘Hard Hitting / Loamy’ (w/aftermarket exhaust)

-1   -1   -1     +2   +3   +2

 0    0     0     +2   +3   +2

 0    0     0     +2   +2   +2



Map 6 ~ ‘Smooth Linear / Slippery Condition’ (w/aftermarket exhaust)

+2  +2  +2    -5  -5  -6

+2  +2  +2    -5  -6  -6

+2  +2  +2    -5  -5  -5



Map 7 ~ ‘Consistent Power delivery at all RPM’ (w/aftermarket exhaust)

-2   -2   -2     -2  -2  -2

-3   -3   -3     -2  -2  -2 

-4   -4   -4     -2  -2  -2 



Map 8 ~


Map 9 ~









Beautiful Gaz I need to step my game up but I got a bloody 2015 YZ250 that's getting a bit out of hand with mods. As soon as I seen that seat I thought bugger that!!

Chuckle. My YZ250FX was fairly extensively modified as well. The 450 is quite a different animal. No need to rev the tits off it now! The two fiddy was brilliant in the really gnarly stuff, but I've backed off from the extreme riding now. I just simply don't have the skill to really enjoy it properly. The WR will get over that shitty stuff easily if I come across it, but I'm not going hunting for it. Must be getting older. 8^)-

Fitted the YMC low seat yesterday, after buying an OEM replacement yellow/black seat cover and had that fitted (the std all-black seat just looked a bit S@zuki...). 


Probably around 2.5cm lower (1") than the OEM plank. I'm a short arse at 170cm (5'8") and this seat combined with the Yamalink Trail + triples lowered 5mm enables me to dab when necessary without climbing half way off the bike and inevitablly ending up in a sad pile on the ground to the hearty merriment of my riding companions. 












Looks good Gaz, I would recommend getting the GYTR clutch cover as the stickers scratch really easy and look tatty after 1 ride..

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1465942413.666830.jpg

Been out riding and 'washing' the scooter in the local river. A sneaky submerged rock folded the front. Luckily the rocks to the left cushioned my fall... the Revit Seesoft armour did the trick. Massive bruise on the left hip but nothing broken. Shit happens. The bike is fine. Twisted the forks, jammed the left footpeg up (had to bash it with a large piece of tree) and the bark buster needed some attention but did its job and saved the Magura lever. All good. 


Recent notes on mapping over on the '2016 WR Mods' thread. 

















Edited by Ghazzah

Had another attempt at fitting the B&B Off-Road protection kits. This time I did it sober. It just did not fit properly when I was rat-arsed the other night. ;-) No surprises. Amazing pieces of kit. The build quality is superb and the fit is 100% perfect. Someone has spent considerable time producing these kits and have some serious machines in their workshop. Having tried 3-4 different types of rad guards and bash plates, I can report that these ones blow the others out of the water. The previous guards were the GYTR items. Worked ok, but pretty basic compared to the B&B kit. I fitted the B&B rad guards, bash plate and hose protection shield. 




Tried out the new bike hoist. Mega. 


Beam-Deflection torque wrench. The best type. Discuss. ;-)


8^)- Gazza. 

How is the B&B bashplate secured in the backpart, same as the OEM ?

Yep. Just a longish (supplied) M6 (from memory) up into the welded-on boss on the frame. I needed to slot out the two front holes on the B&B bash plate 2-3mm to get it all to align, no biggie. Bloody good product, best I have seen yet. 10/10. Been roaring up and down the river beds with rocks and shit flying everywhere, no noticeable damage to the plate yet despite a hell of a lot of noise as rocks bounce everywhere. 8^)-

Yes it looks awesome, and if it uses the same fastening points as the OEM it's a plus as it's easy to get on and off. We have very muddy terrain here so sometimes I find it easier to just take the bashplate off when I wash the bike.

The price on the website is 185, but when I fill in the shipping info (to the other side of the world) it says Grandtotal 168 dollars! Sounds strange, do they give that much discount?

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