Fork springs on 400 EXC

I know there are many diiferent chats about springs for the KTM's

I weigh around 215 dressed, 6'2" and 44 years old getting back to sport, about 2 years now.

What would be best setup for me front and rear

Do I uase WP or race tech?

thx :)What would be best set up for me

What kind of riding do you do? I put Race Tech springs in my 520 and they fit fine. Buy the springs wherever they are cheaper. If you are mot MXing or jumping big stuff, just preload the stock springs for a while. That suspension is super plush for trail riding if you keep the stock springs. I cranked on the shock spanner and used PVC spacers in the forks before my springs came in. It was great in all areas but one, fork diving. With the heavier springs the suspension sucked. The valving needs to be changed as well. The WP suspension begs to be revalved, and is truly awsome after. It lost all of the slow speed plushness when I changed the springs without valving. My advice is set the race sag with the stock stuff for a while, don't worry about static sag for now.

If you MX, forget all that and send the suspension to MX tech and have them set it up. If you too fast for the stock spring rates forget all that stuff and send it to MX tech, Enduro Engineering, or someone that knows WP stuff.

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