Wr400 engine lock up on me

Hi all was out on bike Sunday been doin some lains an road riding was out most of day an on way home bk wheel locked up on me would I be right in saying it's the piston that as gone on me an will I hv to remove the engine to take head off be my first time on pulling a 4 stroke apart so any tips would be help full thank u all

Hi what I would do is systematically go through engine first.check oil level and condition,water level and condition.is there metal in oil and oil filter? If so what color is it.take rocker cover off.has it had a timing chain jump a tooth and bend valves.is the cam chain loose.is it stuck in gear? Can engine be kicked over now it's cold. As you can see there is more things that can go wrong when you think it over.you just need to take your time and eliminate.

Taken head off an it's big end bearing that's gone

Sorry for your loss dude.Are you going to rebuild it .

Don't no just goin work out the costs

Yeh,can be quite costly if you do a thorough rebuild.lots of money,but you will have a fresh engine.On the other hand money may be better spent on upgrade.decisions,decisions.

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