2005 Garage Queen WR450 idle.

Hey all, looking for some advice on where to move forward on this issue.

2005 wr450, 400 original miles. Garage Queen. Bought last month by my buddy.

Throttle limit, baffle removal and snorkel removed by previous owner. Not sure on wire mod but it runs really really well from 1/4 throttle on up.

Bike starts and idles high, cold with choke on (Normal) and half ass idles with choke off.

Lots of coughing and farting from idle to 1/8 or so throttle input.

I have installed a JD Jet kit recommend blue needle in third position, 45 pilot, small o-ring and I can't remember the dang main but it's what the kit recommend for my (500ft) elevation.

Also have installed MSR Brand external fuel screw.

Fuel tank still has some slight residue from the old fuel but I am running a filter. I have also cleaned the carb 4 times with combination of high pressure carb cleaner and air.

Thoroughly inspected intake boot for cracks, and it's in great shape. Brand new twin air filter nice and fresh.

Bike is rideable other than some popping on deceleration and having to keep the idea up.

Moving fuel screw out to over 3 turns doesn't seem to make much effect other than creating a hanging idle condition.

All the way in stalls it and adjusting idle screw also creates a hanging idle.

Right now fuel screw is about 1-1/2 out.

Am I missing something here?

I have owned several fcr carbed bikes and never had this much jetting problems.

Should we run it and maybe what ever is in the carb I can't get to will clear itself out?

Ultrasonic carb clean?

Buy a carb off EBay?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Check to make sure hot start system is perfect. You can feel from the lever if the plunger is moving freely. Then inspect the plastic nut on top and the rubber boot. Should go ahead and replace plastic nut with alum. one. Make sure rubber boot it seated properly.

Thank you, I'll check those out.

Web Link to the Aluminum nut by chance?


Thank you.

The passage above the pilot jet has a 90 bend in it and can get fully or partially clogged.

Use #15 fishing line and 'real' carb cleaner, followed by spray brake cleaner.

Do the same with the fuel screw passage. If you fuel screw is not brass, replace with a brass one (R&D)

Your thottle should be held wide open to keep solvents off the slide plate seal.

Always follow any carb cleaner with spray brake cleaner to dilute and prevent damage to any rubber or foam parts

I'll clean it again with the fishing line.

The MSR screw spears to be made of aluminum. Should I drop the factory one back in ( I have the Motion Pro tool kit to adjust) until I can get an R&D flex jet?

I did have air and cleaner coming out of the little hole in the bore above pilot hole on last cleaning as well as through the pilot air hole in the back.

Thank you again.

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