Who has the Pro Billet rack, 2003-2006 WR450?

I know of someone that's making a billet rack system for several bikes and I like the looks and functionality of his rack.  


If anyone has a PB rack and is willing to trace the outline of the support brackets (both brackets, unless they're both the same depth and dimensions) then and he'll be able to make a complete rack for me...  and others.  


I like the looks of the rack much better, and appreciate the versatility as well as the lower price point- under $150 and it has Rotopax and Givi Monokey cutouts so you can bolt on the lugs and gain additional functionality


He's currently making these for the WR250R/X, DR250/360/650, DRZ400, CRF250, KLX250, and I'm hoping for the WR450 if I can help him get the bracket design.  I'm also working with him on the pattern for a 2001-2007 Bandit 1200, I have that rack at home so we're working on the dimensions.





I have an 06 WR450 that really needs a rack. I'm very interested in hearing what he comes up with. I don't like the 2 versions I know of that are out there currently. I want it to have 4 mounting points, the cheaper version I know of only has 3 mounting points.

2006 is still steel frame, so your mount points and mine should be exactly the same as on my 2003.  

This guy will custom-make the rack if we can tell him where the mount points should be.   I'm not a fan of the round tube racks, there's one on ebay for $80 with THREE mount points  (really?) but I think this rack looks and works much better.  The difficulty is creating a template that he can go by to make the side rails.


I haven't looked closely at my 450 while it's taken apart, but it looks like it uses the seat mount bolts, and another mount point that's 2/3 of the way down the subframe..


I think I'm going to begin making a template with cardboard.  I may even cut it into light aluminum... cut a very rough outline of the rail, and mark or drill where the mount points should go.  That will also keep me true to any offset issues or concerns.  The better I can make a template, the better he'll be able to create the side rails.


(He lives in a different state than I do, so things have to be mailed back and forth.  It's not like he can just measure my bike.)


His website is http://www.scaggsmotodesigns.com/  and he has racks already available for other bike models.

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I really like the look of those!!

The 4th mounting point requires some drilling on the bike but I'm cool with it.

I have the YZ fender (tail light under fender, versus stock 03-06 where it's on top of fender.)

I'd love for one to hug the top of the fender closely to help avoid my boot hitting it while getting on or off.

I hope you guys get something worked out. Looks like most of his prices are around $130. I think that's pretty fair.

Any updates?

Nothing yet.. he's hoping to get a local bike that he can look at and measure.  

Every time I take my bike apart,I forget about measuring for the rack until after it's put back together.   s-l64.jpg

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