strange broken leg

I was riding with a friend at thundercross this weekend and he jumped a table top and landed flat on top. When he landed, his leg broke somewhere in the middle between his knee and his ankle. He did not crash or anything and just rolled off the track. He said that the landing didn't appear to be unusually hard. Has anyone seen this happen before?

He better start drinking some milk.

lol! :)

Kinda the same thing that happened to my FOOT last cinco de mayo!!!!!

7breaks and just came up a little short on a 90' table. No big deal. Compressed the susp and bounced to the bottom of the landing (12')and comprsd again bobbled twice and basicaly just low-sided it after 2wobbles. Jumped up and grabbed the clutch.(someone was lookin after me ,cuz' it was still runnin'......even in 4th gear!) I would have hated to have to start that thing!

Had to have someone help me load the bike and went home took a hot bath thinking I just dislocated a bone in my foot or something. BOOM .

It swelled up like a balloon instantly after it hit the hot water!

Xrays revealed 5 breaks and 5wks later they found 2more!

I have crashed much worse and hurt nothing but my pride and scratched a fender!

Messed up my whole season! :)

I once fell off a bar stool at about 2:15 am. I face slammed the Ground clearing the Table top. I did not break my leg but lost some teeth and my nose is now bent to the left. Cant figure that one out

Making friends everywere I go !

Some of my worst injuries have come from slow speed crashes. I'm not really sure how or why this happens other than instead of bouncing or rolling you just stick to the ground.

Don't ya just hate it when that happens??!!!


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