2003 Yz450f won't kick over

So I'm new to dirtbikes and decided to fix a gasket that blew. So I did this and put it all back together. I tried kicking it over when I was done And it only went halfway down then wouldn't kick any farther. I can retime it then I kick start it and again it only goes half way down and gets stuck again. The exhaust cam won't slide past the exhaust valve!!! Please help me out I'm starting to get very frustrated

It sounds like you either did not install your chain tensioner, or did not release it from its locked back position, or it's completely defective.   Hopefully, you haven't bent any valves.

Are you sure your timing chain guide is seated in its notch behind the flywheel properly?

You should always spin the motor around by hand first when building and before kicking it. And engage double check the tensioner as mentioned. Hopefully it's not the worst case scenario....

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