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I grew up racing in lace up lineman's boots, leather work gloves & I did Have an actual racing jersey with elbow pads. I'm riding again 20 something years later & would like to have a little better protection for dualsporting on my Pig. I'll have time for real rides eventually, but for now I mainly get a 30 minute to a 1 hour after work ride in a few times a week about 50/50 street trail (I ride it to some ditch crossings & holes in fences). I was thinking about a jacket with padded arms/shoulders but I'm in S. Texas & it gets awful hot here. I also don't want to look like something off of Mad Max, I scare the farmers bad enough already. Are the mesh type jackets do able? or should I get one with a zip out liner I can use for winter as well? I need to get some boots as well, what is a good reasonably priced dualsport type boot?

I have the jacket pants, shirt and boots, but I still prefer to wear the lace up work boots.

I don't like the jacket because it seems to ride up in the back and feels constricting. I have used it in inclement conditions and it was great.

Same here, I want to start riding the brp to work/school so I need things I can remove or stay in all day. Problem is there is dirt between here and there so I must be prepared, not to mention the possibility of going down on pavement. My intentions are 1) good set of elbow pads (MSR RG2's fit great)- you can were them with short or long sleeves 2) Knee protection - the "Thor force" fits great over denim pants but...maybe looks goofy? So what, I care a lot about my knees! 3) Boots are a problem, lace up tall work/hiking boots work great especially when I had to walk 8 miles out of the desert once, sure would have sucked in MX boots. Are they adequate protection though? Several manufacturers make ankle supports (grindage insurance on pavement) but I haven't tried them in regular boots, might have to upsize for the room. Steel toes could also be an option but I don't know what to do about the footpegs tearin' up the arch. Another thing is that I want to blend in with the desert and it's hard to find riding gear in non-punk colors. Say, has anyone ever tried that 6" ATV camo tape on a plastic motorcycle? Any tips from other's experiences will be highly appreciated.

i have a tenics jacket for my minnesota conditions :) and i also have a joe rocket mesh jacket for those texas like days. they both have back,elbow and shoulder pads that are removable.the joe rocket at least gives you some protection if you fall.

All i can say to you is...if your riding on the street,wear full leathers and good road motorcycle boots,runners and hikers don't cut it,it may be hot and a bit goofy but nothing protects better.

On August 29 of last year I was rearended and shoved into the rear window of the car in front of me on my CBR1100XX.

The force of the impact was enough to snap the frame at the steering head and completely destroy my Blackbird.

i really don't think i would be walking or maybe even breathing right now if i hadn't had on my full road race gear,as it was i got of lightly ,tore my adductor muscle and severe bruising on my left leg,enlarged spleen and a bleeding kidney.

i am so lucky that i decided to wear the full get up that day,its only recently that i started riding again and i still hurt a lot but everything is on the mend and consider myself very lucky.

Have you considered getting a Givi top case so you can bring a change of clothes with you?

the streets are just nuts with crazed cagers everywhere now a days i personally won't ride anywhere on the roads again without full gear on.

You're right, but I could not trail ride in leathers here in Texas during the Summer. I am interested in a jacket I can slip on to run to the store & trailride in. A First Gear Kilaminjaro jacket has been suggested along with A Joe rocket Mesh type Phoenix or simular. I do plan on "real" boots, what are some reasonably priced boots for trailriding/occasional trips to the trail head or store?

The pig tends to burrow a bit so your feet might do a bit of scraping do not skimp on boots, You need motorcycle boots not hiking boots just thursday riding went in between two rocks and my right boot smashed into it toe first If I had just work boots or steel toed I would have most definitly broke something. A great pair at a great price is AXO's RC5 top of the line retailed for 279.00 . IMOMOTORSPORTS.com had them for 129.00, Bobs is about 149.00 Super boot got awesome reviews as well lots of support, get a black pair so when your dual sporting to stores you can pull your jeans over them and people wont throw canned beats at you!

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