Engine rebuild question

Whats going on guys,


I am currently rebuilding a 2004 YZ450 i am about 40% done with the motor however I came across what looks to be a dowel hole between the 2 shifting forks in the transmission. If im not mistaken I remember a dowel going there, however when i put the two cases together there seems to be no need for a dowel because they dont meet. I have looked in the manuel but i can't seem to find anything pertaining to this can anyone shed some light on this  I have attached 2 picture with my finger pointing to the hole i am talking about, hope you can see it.





Nope, no dowel.  If it was supposed to have one, it would have a machined face on it where the other side mated against it.


What that is is the bore that holds the third shift fork used for a 5 speed.  Yours is a 4 speed, so it simply isn't used.

Okay sweet, thanx

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