WR400 Oil Filter Cover Won't Come Off

Went to change the oil filter for the first time since I've owned this 99 WR400F, and I can't get the oil filter cover off! The top bolt is so long it hits on the exhaust pipe before it's all the way out, so I can't get the cover off and can't get the filter out. I thought I had a stock exhaust pipe but maybe not, anyone else encounter this? Do I have to take the pipe off to change the oil filter? IMG_1016.JPGIMG_1017.JPGIMG_1018.JPG

Please tell me this a joke post ?


If it isn't, do this: get a breaker bar, wedge it under the header, pull up and move the header, and remove the bolt.

Nope, isn't a joke. Didn't know you could bend the header like that. Will try tomorrow, thanks.

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