2008 wr450 from you brake

I picked up the bike about aon the ago and in the prosses of getting everything fixed and ready to ride I've noticed that the front brake is really spongy I've bleed ot a coupe times and never got any air out of it and noticed that the front brake line expands quite a bit when you squeeze the brake is there another way to get a more firm feeling g out of the brake like changing the brake line or something along those lines?

You may still have something in the line which is sometimes difficult to get out. You may have to elevate the caliper to get all the air out. If you want to try a stainless line they are out there.

Does the stainless line help alot?

Rebuild the Master Cylinder on the bars, flush it, and back-flow bleed it.

You've still got air in the system, they can be difficult to bleed. Use a reverse bleeder system. Some other master cylinders will give better results but the stock one is adequate when working properly.

So suck the resivoir down and push fluid into the caliper ?

Yes, remove most of the fluid from the reservoir, then use brake fluid under pressure forced in through the caliper bleeder. This clears the line from the lowest point to the highest point. Only the chamber in the master cylinder piston will be left.

I use one of these, and it works great for bleeding or reverse bleeding.  

I have spongy front brakes too, just ordered a SS braided brake line for it. 



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