New 2016 YZ450F

Hey Everyone,

Beyond excited to say I picked up a 2016 450F yesterday. I'm beyond pumped to be on the Yamaha, there has to be a reason they're so popular these days.


Any tips for things right off the bat like break in?


Now i'm just hoping I don't run into any issues with the BluCru rewards  :rolleyes:



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Ride it for 10min at idle-half throttle around the track, preferably not under load (maybe 3-5laps) and then ride it like no other. Drop oil after first 2hrs, throw some Rotella in and your golden...

I suggest you grease the steering head bearings immediately. I just pulled one out of the crate and they were almost dry. The linkage was better but if you have time do those too.

Awesome bike dude! I picked one up back in December and it's the best bike I've ever owned! Zero problems so far. I used the break-in method in the owners manual and everything turned out fine. I did change the oil and filter a little more often on the first couple of long rides just to be safe.

And I would also do what Dklassen said about greasing the steering head bearings. Mine had very little grease on it also.

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