Timmy Ferry 2nd Place!

Congrats to Timmy for a stellar ride at Daytona. Can't wait to see it on the tube.

I am impressed with Ferry.After he lost his Suzuki ride,I never would have thought he would come back to ride at this level.Maybe his Yamaha is just that good.

I worked this weekend and set my VCR to record the race on Speedchannel. ESPN2 could take a lesson how to cover S/X races from Speedchannel. The only problem I incurred was a severe thunderstorm that affected about 10 minutes of reception quality of the 250 main event. Ferry's qualifyer was also a great race. He worked hard for that win against Roncada.

That was definately a great race. I kind of got the impression that Tim let Roncada pass him in the heat race so that he could try some different lines and test out how fast they were. Go Red Dog!

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