Does anyone know if a gyt-r magnetic

drain plug for a yz450 will fit my wr450? THanks :):D

It should.

Denis, why don't you just get the Zip-ty drain plug :)?


Yes it does. I have one on my bike.

I only got the '04 GYT-R YZ250 magnetic plug to fit my 04 wr450. The GYTR '04 YZ450 plug was too large in diameter.


Unfortunately I already bought it. Are you going riding today? Its supposed to be rainy where I am. I think Im gonna do the breather hose mod and install a 168 mj instead of my 170. Seems a bit rich up top. I cant wait to go riding. I was gonna see if you could possibly get a day off during the week to come up to New Hampshire and check out the riding. Trust me , you will not be disappointed. Anyway let me know. Take care, D :):D :D

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