Working the clutch... How much?

I'm not a very advanced rider but I'm trying to improve. When ever I feel my engine start to chatter I just drop a gear and wind it out. I rarely use the clutch on my 450.

A lot of times my friends are telling me about how they are in 2nd and third in the tight stuff and I'll be in 1st and sometimes second. (Most of them are on 250s).

My question is should I be riding a gear higher and modulating the clutch to keep the RPMs in a good spot? Is this going to smooth out my riding and help find traction to climb hills or should I just be in s lower gear only using throttle.

I know this is quite common with 2strokes but to be honest I've barely spent any time on one and not sure if this tactics is used on a powerful and torquey 4t.


Maybe - get out there and try it.

More seat time


The clutch is your friend

Modulation is the key to continous traction, hence the AutoClutch like Rekluse

Use that clutch!  It can smooth out rough spots, keep you from stalling, allow you to slow/balance while keeping RPM up, slow down before approaching an obstacle and then giving a burst of power to launch over.


Made a huge difference in my riding when I bought a trials bike last year and learned what the clutch is for!  Use your clutch, Sir!

All of the above advice is very good. I am a heavy clutch user but not a abuser. My 07 has seen one new set of steel and fibers. However four or five clutch cables.

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