Toy Box value

Looking at Carson Fun Runner to haul four bikes.Any suggestions on manufacture,size and options.

Dude, I'm almost in the same boat. I've been looking around all weekend at Toy Haulers. I've seen as much as 10k difference for the exact same model between stores/towns. I can't make up my mind because I'm afraid of getting ripped off.

The other thing that ticks me off is the price these dealers are charging for generators. They're charging between 2k-4k extra just for a 4kw generator. That's ridiculas in my book.

I will get a portable generator,I hate the noise and vibration of the built in ones.

First of all try going to your local Mcycle dealer for your best price on a GEN. Just let him know you "may " be in the market for a new yz450f this fall when they come out and he will probably want to get some sort of a headstart on REPEAT business.

2nd.........for the patio hauler or such .....

>>>>TRY HERE<<<<


I went through the generater search several months ago. I ended up with a Generac 4kw generator. It seemed to be by far the best built unit in its price class (about $700). The electric start version with higher surge capacity (6500 watts) with wheels is at home depot for like $730. Here's a link to the one I got:

It's not whisper quiet but it's much quieter than my old generator which had a hot dog style muffler. The Hondas are really really nice, but they are really really expensive. I don't have a lot of hours on this one yet but so far it seems to be working very good.

Also Costco has some larger (6kw I think) generac generators for very cheap, they must be overstocked or something. I think they were like $500 or so. Briggs engine and looked well made.

I'm also searching for a trailer so I'll be watching to see what you guys decide on. :)

Be careful when you look at those toy-boxes. We bought an ALJO in 99 (it was a closeout) and have had excellent luck with it. We looked at the Carson, but the more I looked at it the more I liked the look of the more expensive ALJO. It's just my opinion, but there are some shoddy trailers out there, and you get what you pay for. On the other hand, I couldn't justify (nor did I like the disco styling of the interior) the extra cost of a Warrior. My .02 Good luck!

Mike S,

I looked at some Fun Runners last night. They seem to be ok but the quality is a little less than some of the competition. I was looking at 21 footers, their was 2 diff florplans I had a really small bath and the other was ok. The problem with the one with the big bath was it didn't have the drop down bed that I like. Guy said it could be ordered with one for an extra 300. So far, of all the trailers I've looked at I think the Sierra/Salem offer the best options, quality and looks for the $$$. I haven't bought yet but I'm inching closer. The sales dude said that they (Carson) hired the chief designer/engineer from Weekend Warrior a while back so the designs are similiar. IMHO, the quality is nowhere close though.

P.S. I saw some trim falling off the ceiling on 1 brand new funrunner last night.


Is your Generac small enough to fit into the compartment made in the trailers? Is that why you bought it (for future planned use in a trailer)?

I'm torn between the high cost of a built in generator (plus concerned about the noise/vibes mentioned above) and the hassle of buying one at home depot and having to drag it in and out of the camper.



Hey this board is back up again and fast!!

I did buy mine for future use in a trailer, but I it's going to be a bike trailer and not a camping trailer. I didn't realize at first that you were talking about camping trailers. The one I got is plenty quiet for the track but it's too noisy to run at a camp ground at night. I wonder if a good generator wouldn't vibrate the trailer? I have never used one, but Onan makes one that spins at only 1800 RPM which has got to be good for motor life and noise. Honda makes a water cooled one which is surely smooth but it's got to be expensive. Honestly I'm not very knowledgeable i the trailer department so I'm not going to be able to offer any advice. Maybe you can go to a trailer dealer and they can start up the built in generator in one or two models so that you can check out the vibration. Good luck!

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