NEED HELP,wr450 or crf450 (04-05)which to buy

dont know which bike is better 4 me,I do mostly trail and lots of hill climbing. I heard 05 crf450 is going to have a better frame than before. reason 4 wr450,the 04 yzf450 has 4 speed gearbox via the 04 model,wr450 has 5 speed.I prefer the 5 speed.would appre. feedback on all models if poss. :D:)

I bought a 04 wr 450f and i love it. It climbs mountain sheep! Just when you think you might not make it the WR continues to pull! My Riding buddy has a crf 450 and i have ridden it, they are two different bikes, it is going to depend on your riding style. The CRF is faster and more dirt ready out of the crate. But, with the free mods to the WR is a much better trail bike in my opinion. :)

Interesting scenario, just about identical to my pre WR450 purchase era. After talking with several riders, reading articles on the internet, and weighing out my options, I chose the WR450. There is actually an article that puts the WR450F up against the YZ450F and the WR came out on top as a far better all-rounder. Though my time on my new bike has been limited, I have really enjoyed riding it so far. A great bike IMHO. I'll look for a link to that article and post it for you.

read the article,good info, I think i'm more puzzled I didnt know the WR had a milder power band. I currently ride a cr 500, but recently had a 01 yz426f to ride for a month or so and loved the power band, but I couldnt settle for any less power(hit).But I definetly dont want the 4 speed that comes with the yz 450f but i still like to have the stronger power band I think i'm leaning towards the honda. Do the free mods(on wr) amongst some others make the difference or not,I like to keep my bike more torward the stock side, just for reliability and long term use. I ride red and always have its hard to go with a yamaha :)

The WR is a far better trail bike than the CRF. The CRF is a better hill climber although the WR holds it's own. It's all up to your riding style. They are two totally differant bikes. The free mods for the WR are simple. The CRF rips right out of the box! Both are great machines.


Out of the box the WR is pretty mellow but it has an enormous amount of potential that can tapped relatively easily. Ditch the exhaust baffle (or better yet the whole exhaust and save about 6#), put in YZ jetting, swap in a YZ cam and you'll have more motor than the CRF or the YZ426. I know that seems like a lot to do but in reality it's only takes a couple of hours. Coming off of a CR500 you'll really appreciate the powerband. It has a nice hit off the bottom, more so than the YZ426. I've owned three 4xx's and all have been very reliable even with all the mods. I've also ridden the CRF and the YZ426. They're all good bikes but for me the 450 has the motor, gearbox and suspension (although the rear spring is a little soft if you weigh more than 160). The e-start is nice too. I really wasn't that keen on the e-start when I got the bike but once I used it I don't think I've even pulled out the kickstarter since. I trail ride exclusively. Mostly in the desert sometimes in the mountains. Now if I were going to the track mostly I'd buy the CRF or the YZF. Right tool for the right job!

How much do you have to spend on a Honda to make trail worthy? The Honda has a small gas tank, needs a quiet pipe with USFS tip, has small radiators, small oil capacity, no side stand, no lights, mx suspension, gearing? As for the hit? most mxers are de-tuning the Yz's with Wr cams. Both are really good bikes, but since you trail ride get a trail bike. A CR500 has plenty of hit, you might find you can go faster longer with smoother power and less hit.

which cam do you swap intake ,exhaust, also the wr having a milder power band does it still rev to 11000 rpm like the yz without motor work.all that stuff about the crf like smaller rad. and small oil capacity etc scares me away it a little.if i get the wr i guess ill have suspension work to do since im 6'2 240 lbs, i need a bike that has enough power and torque to get my big ASS around and up those steep southern calif. mountains is the wr up for the job! :) I"M tired of fighting that damn 2 stroke 500, OH YEAH that info about the 05 crf having 4 speed SUCKS BIG D#@K I wont be getting an 05 crf if thats the case,stupid move on hondas part if so :D

You swap the exhaust cam. They cost ~ $100-$125 depending on where you find it. I didn't even have to adjust the valve clearance as it was still in spec after the swap. With the YZ cam it flat outruns my buddy's '03 CRF(geared to 47 in the rear). With a 48 tooth rear it'll run in the low 90's on the top end and yet still has a very usable 1st gear for the gnarly stuff. I guarantee it will move your hulk around nicely. And yes they both rev out to 11,000. One word of caution. I would not recommend buying an '03 unless it has had the '04 starter updates.

My WR seems to have more than enough power. I did the simple "free mods" with the exception of the GYT-R exhaust insert. Took it out this weekend and noticed that going down the logging road in 3rd gear and simply twisting the throttle brought the front tire right off the ground (not trying to). You may just need to do the rear to make it a little more "jump worthy" for the weight. But other than that I would go with the WR450... It really kicks!! :)

whats the deal with cutting the grey wire and yz throttle stop ? the more i read the more i like the wr450,what is stock gearing on the wr front? rear? sprkts, what do you run and why? and should the whole header pipe and silencer be 86d for a aftermarket one and whos got the best p&s for wr model,ill be getting an 04 or should i wait for 05 is the wr450 undergoing any changes for 05?

The YZ throttle stop is a must do. The stock WR throttle stop will only allow the throttle to open ~2/3rds. You can either cut the WR stop down or buy the stop from a YZ. As for the exhaust there are a lot of options here. The stock WR exhaust performs well with the baffle removed but it is loud and very heavy. You can add a PMB or GYT quiet core to make it legal but it will cut the power some. I replaced mine with a stock YZ exhaust (Ebay cheap) and a Pro Moto Billet end cap for a spark arrestor. It is about 6 #'s lighter and the noise level not as obtrusive. There's a quiet core for the PMB endcap. I haven't used it yet but it's supposed to drop the sound to 96db but it does cut the power down a bit I think. See this link for more info on WR mods - free and otherwise. It's a 250 site but most of it pertains to the 426/450 as well.


The more time I spend on my '04 WR, the more I love it. I went riding with the wife yesterday. She actually got her TTR125LE a little muddy. :D, I got the WR VERY muddy!!!! :D That bike will just go. I really enjoyed getting it dirty. I rode several wheelies on the thing, and like valkman said , third gear wheelies are a simple affair. Just twist the wrist and up she goes, very predictable on the back wheel. Busted through several mudholes like that. :)

I had a blast, but am still longing to climb some hills on the beast. I know with the grunt that thing has it'll be impressive.

Does the YZ exhaust show a power gain???

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