2001 YZ 426 Tank Wanted

This is for my riding compadre'. He cracked his gas tank being a bit to ascertive at the race track.

Anyone who has converted to either of the IMS, or Clarke Tanks got their stocker for sale ???

You can email me @ mcklx300@hotmail.com

Thx MC !!! Sacramento, CA

[ March 10, 2002: Message edited by: MCKLX300 ]

I'll run it by him, just the same, but I think he really wants a stocker. We always keep our loops to 40 miles or less, so the extended volumn tank is really not necessary.

Thx MC !!!

I have a stocker with the 01 graphics . Bought the bike new in the crate this Feb. 2002 . I would like to replace mine with a large capacity tank.But, I dont want to lose the original look of the Graphics. Any Ideas ? :)

I've got a tank off an '00 YZ 426 that I would let you have for $150, It's in good shape.

e-mail me for pitures.


I have one, I bought it new last summer, around July or August and only used it until October when I got my new CRF.

Feel free to email me at CRF450racer@aol.com

Clarke also makes the stock size for $165.


Steve T

I know its not really what your looking for but I have a clarke oversize tank if your interested. I am asking $125 for it, its been used twice.


Only have a $100 budget to work with, if anyone

can afford that, please shoot me an email.


Thx MC !!!


Larger tank, with the original graphics look?

Swap with my WR.

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