XR650R Shock Spring

Hey guys. My suspension is being done right now at GPS suspension. The owner is having trouble finding a shock spring for me. He's looking for a 10.0kg Eibach. Everywhere he or I check is either sold out or on back order. Anyone have any tips or have one that they would like to sell? The backorder is about a month and a half. :) I tried shop-thumpertalk and they said it's out of stock and due back in on Tuesday March 9th. I'm not sure if that's correct and I'll check on it. Even Eibach themselves said at least a month. Any help would be great guys!! Thanks in advance!

Have a few extra beers and get the 10.5. :)

I'll get to work on that tonight..

Why don't you try calling Precision Concepts. Those are the ones they put on my bike not too long ago.

You could also have a few less beers and go for the 9.5 but that does not sounds like as much fun.

I just went through the same thing trying to get a 10.5. I tried everywhere and was told it would be a month. I contacted Eibach directly and they said the same thing. I got the forks springs easily enough but had been waiting over a month for the shock spring. Then I called Lindemann Engineering and they had one in stock. It cost about $15 more than I had been quoted from some other places but it was in my hands in 5 days. He said they had several more so maybe they have a 10.0. It's worth a try.

Lindemann Engineering

(408) 371-6151

Thanks Stonewall. I'll pay whatever, I just wanna ride. Where are they out of?

Where are they out of?

Lindemann Engineering

520 E.McGlincy Lane Unit 3

Campbell CA 95008


www.le-suspension.com :)

I'm gonna phone them up on Monday, musn't be open today. Thanks again..

I ordered a 10.5 from race tech on tuesday, march 2nd. they told me three days till it shipped, since it was being custom made for them by eibach. So, I would check with race tech. They may have the "inside connection" with eibach.

10.0 was the one that is on back order. I tried everywhere so far, nothing.

Stonewall just wanted to send some much needed Thanks for that link. They had a bunch in stock and I have my 10.0 on the way. Thanks man, you rock! :)

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