Need HELP! 2012 WR450 weak spark

I have a 2012 WR450, 1000k on it, mint condition. Was working perfectly, installed an aftermarket gas tank and hasn't run since. 


Extremely weak zap from the coil - won't fire the plug at all and will barely make a spark holding the coil wire near the frame. I get a mile shock when holding the lead, so there is a bit of power, not enough to fire the plug.


Does anyone know of any safety system that I may have bumped while changing the tank to cause this? I'm 1000 miles from the nearest bike shop and would cost $3000 to put my bike on a plane and fly it there.


I realize the issue occurring during the tank swap could be a coincidence, but it's the obvious place to start.





Harness from stator is known to corrode

Plug caps go bad

Tip over sensor 

Throttle Body MAP and Temp sensors

Main ground

Battery ground

Battery with bad cell

Stator's go bad, though usually not this soon

Mixed up wiring plugs or one is not plugged in.

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