Thick blue oil like substance from valve cover gasket

I just parked the 14 YZ450 and noticed some thick blue oil like substance on the stand as I was getting ready to throw it on. I wiped it up so I don't have a pic to show but further investigation shows where it ran down the side of the cylinder from just under the valve cover gasket. I didn't pull the tank or airbox so I'm not sure if there is any on top of the valve cover or not. Any ideas what this could be? I guess worth noting is that I have changed the air filter and the filter oil I'm currently using is red in color. Bike has about 4 hours on it.

It's probably your air filter oil.

As in from the factory filter? Do they come with blue filter oil?

Mine had blue oil in it when it was new, yes.

Mine had blue oil in it when it was new, yes.

Mine was blue also on my 450fx. I just changed it yesterday.

Good to hear; thanks guys. Next step was to taste it; glad it didn't come to that.

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