DR200 big bore/ high compression feeler

I've been getting custom cometic gaskets for my 265cc 71mm motor since I built it.  Quick service and reliable product.  They are thicker than the stock gaskets though (.043 vs .026").   They have various thickness base gaskets available, so you can adjust the total a bit.

Any updates on this?  Looking to do another 200 motor soon, and could use a couple of pistons

Did this ever go anywhere?  I want a piston!

No it didn't.

Hey guys! I'm still interested in a couple if any one picks up the ball and runs with it!
Wanting to build a big cc 200 based motor!

Does anyone know what the actual dimensions were for the pistons?  I may see if I can get the ball rolling.  But my knowledge on this is limited.  

I'm still in. 

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