Yamaha suspension guru?

Who is the man to send forks to in FL to set up for hare scrambles?

Call Dave Johnson from Smart Performance, he has guys Installers) using his stuff all over the US. You will not be disappointed.

Smart Performance -- (408)406-2089.

Thanks m1j I will do. Has anyone you know used him?

smyth154, i had a SPI set up in my 11'YZ250f, set up was for woods work(enduros), rocky and rough terrain. It was very impressive, ate up trail trash and could flat punish a g-out at speed like nothing i have ever done before. It took a little getting used to because places i had backed off before I could now hit at speed, as the confidence comes up you just hit stuff and don't worry. I had many similar stature guys test my bike coming off of different brands that all raved about my set up. Be honest with skill level and make sure to be specific about terrain you ride, will help in the long run! I'm 43 and ride A-Vet offroad. 

I use one of Dave's setups fro desert racing.  Absolutely the best thing done to the bike.

TF racing does everyone in the ftr races have him do everything on our whole team

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