Yz 125 rear wheel bearings

After tightening my axle nut I noticed my rear wheel not moving freely on its own(chain removed) checked spacers were in properly(they were).After further inspection I noticed the sprocket side bearing was not able to move using my finger trying to turn it.So I know have both bearings removed...sprocket side bearing is toast...would this bad bearing cause the wheel to not spin freely when I tightened the axle nut?

Replace the center spacer tube? After the axle has been tightened so many times the center spacer shrinks and that side loads the bearings. New bearings won't last very long and that may be what you're describing. No need to tighten the axle to what Yamaha says IMO just get it tight, no need to crush the center tube!

I believe the brake caliper pits into a groove somehow (been a long time since I took mine apart) but if you don't get the caliper frame in the groove correctly, it will do exactly what you described.

Thanks for the replies...come to think of it,I questioned that caliper fit...I'm sure that's where the problem lies...will verify once I have the new bearings in.

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