2016 yz450f rear wheel

Hello everyone! I got a question for someone that knows hub and bearing dimensions on the 2016 yz450f. The question is will any other year model rear wheel fit this bike? I know the 2014 and 2015 will, but I was wanting to find an older, cheaper wheel if possible to throw a paddle on to hit the dunes. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I have a '14 and have found the same hub part number all the way back to '09. And if a'14-'15' fits a '16 you'd be in the same circle. Is same hub as Yz also, 450 has wider rim than 250 but same hub.

-09-current YZ450F will fit

-10-current YZ250F will fit

No 2t wheels will fit (22mm axle) or the FX wheels which supposedly have a 22mm axel also...

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Do by chance know if the axel is the same diameter on those models?

Do by chance know if the axel is the same diameter on those models?

Axel is 25mm on the 09-16 YZ450F

Axel is 25mm on the 10-16 YZ250F

Cool! Thanks you guys!

My guess is that all the wheels will fit, at some modelyears one has to change the bearings,

I have a set of YZ wheels waithing to get into my still-to-buy 2016 WR......

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Heres some info I received from a reputable vendor when searching for a set of motard wheels for my 16 WR. Hope this helps someone.


There's a few differences with the YZ/WR. 

  • Wheels
    • 20mm front axle, 22mm rear for ALL WR and YZ up to 2008
    • 20mm fr, 25mm rr for YZ 2009-13
    • 22mm fr, 25mm rr for YZ 2014-16
  • Brakes
    • Rotor the same for all WR250F/450F and YZ250F/450F
    • Caliper the same for all WR and YZ up to 2007.
    • 2008-16 YZ caliper different

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