Fork height?

Just curious how high or low you guys have your forks in the triple clamps, I have the Scotts steering damper and have the forks flush with the top of the clamp, would it stick better in corners if I slid them up a little?

i've got mine to the first line. i use a w.e.r. stabilizer that bolts between the fender and the triple clamp. i was affraid to pull them up much higher and risk the tire hitting the fender( and me hitting the ground). it helped some. it won't make the bike something it's not but it helped. it will be interesting to see who does what compared to what part of the country (world) they are in.

I have mine up on the 3rd line about 15mm raise. Turns quicker. :)

I've got mine raised 15mm as well. Makes a huge difference in the way the bike turns. It also makes it squirrly in the sand.

The WR426 has tapered fork legs. Make sure you don't get the tapered part in the clamps.

I did it mostly because I'm short and it made it easier to touch the ground. :)

Yeah any bike will turn faster the more you pull the forks up into the yoke,but you will lose straight line stability!,it depends more on how you like to turn your bike(make`s it bite a little harder when turning in)but it can be more prone to folding up(want`s to throw you into the bars when it bite`s in)as opposed to washing out(the front want`s to slip away from you)the long and the short is,the higher the front end the more it will push,the lower the more it will bite,a front end that has good bite(feel)is easier to control because it is coming in towards you(you deal with this through the bars!)a front that is prone to wash out is no use because it is going away from you,and then you are sat on the wrong side of it! :)

My bike is just way too tall. I dialed in about 120mm of race sag and pulled the forks up about 25mm. Not the ideal setup, but it helps me get to the ground. With the forks that high, it does turn nicely. I got a Scotts stabilizer to control the headshake. I think that is the ideal setup.


Thanks for the input guys, I'am trying to find just the right combination for good straight line stability and have it stick good in the corners too. Think I'll slide em up a bit.

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