First 4 stroke yz426

Well I picked up my first 4 stroke dirtbike and it skipped timing so I tore it apart and the engine would still turn over freely but the cam chain was bad and had some links seized on it. Replaced the cam chain and reassembled but when I got the timing set i tried to turn the motor by hand and when the camshaft lobs touch the valves it just stops moving and won't rotate. I haven't put much force on it at all. So I'm stuck and can't figure out why it's doing that. Could it be from not having the tensioner in? Or from turning the motor over several times after having the cam chain and cam shafts off it. I'm just stuck and can't figure this out. It's an 01 yz426.

Could it be from not having the tensioner in? 




Ok going to try and put the tensioner in and see if the camshafts will roatate

Ok going to try and put the tensioner in and see if the camshafts will roatate

In order to install the tensioner, you must back it all the way off and lock it there, then bolt it in place, then unlock it.  The center tower part of the tensioner has a 10mm hex bolt in it.  Remove this, then use a small screwdriver on the tensioner screw to retract the tensioner plunger.  It should stay in place like that if you get all the way to the end of the travel.  Once in place, use the screwdriver again to fudge it back forward until the spring takes over.  Then replace the center bolt.


Download a manual:!%20Mods%2C%20Maintenance%2C%20Common%20Issues%20and%20FAQ%27s%20-%20YZ%20400%2F426%2F450%20-%20ThumperTalk&txt=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.yamaha-mo...uals%2Findex.aspx!%20Mods%2C%20Maintenance%2C%20Common%20Issues%20and%20FAQ%27s%20-%20YZ%20400%2F426%2F450%20-%20ThumperTalk&

Thanks it was the problem

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