Oil pressure line bolt stripped. Need Suggestions PIC

So I was taking a customers yz426f apart and when taking this oil pressure line bolt out it pulled the threads with it. I don't even know how it was holding in there. When I put it back together I want to atleast try something to make it hold like a longer bolt. I do not want to heli-coil. This would be a last resort. If anyone knows of a longer bolt part number or specific bike to get or has any suggestions of something that will work please let me know, thanks


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If you want it to be actually fixed, you need to Heli-Coil or Time-Sert it, simple as that.  Otherwise, you'll be passing off a half-assed coverup of your disassembly "error" onto the customer. 

I already told the customer what happened and am not trying to half ass do anything. If I can find a longer bolt that will work theres nothing wrong with it. Or if anyone has a better suggestion than yours it will be much appreciated.

If I can find a longer bolt that will work theres nothing wrong with it. 


Actually, there is: there won't be as much thread contact as there should be, and the threads will fail again.  

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