Loose Spokes

What would cause the spokes in my rear wheel to loosen up after every ride ? I figured I had a couple of spokes to tight so I loosened all the rear spokes and attempted to get them the same tightness. That seemed to work for maybe a month, but now I'm back to tightening them after every ride.

The spokes are the part of my bike that i tend to forget about the most. They naturally tend loosen after several rides. The best way to check the spokes is to lightly tap the spokes with a spoke wrench and adjust by sound.

On friday i went riding at a nearby practice track and i broke two spoke nipples on my rear wheel. (cased the jump) All the shops that i visited for replacing the spokes and nipples told me that they don't sell the spokes individually. :)

This is a very little known fact, Spoke Loosen ?

I suggest this, This is a old hat trick I lerned from some ol time riders some years back it has never failed me.

If needed get the Rims trued up, pay the bucks have them done by a pro. Once you have the buggers back on the bike Zip tie each spoke where they cross over each other. This eliminates vibration and tightens the spokes up just a bit. Also as noted earlier, Learn to tone the spokes meaning once the rims are trued up learn the tone they make when dragging a small screw driver accross them a loose spoke will sound completely diff.

Safety wire works better than the ziptyes E-hole mentioned, it works though. It stiffens the wheel up quite a bit. Safety wire pliers are a must have for this job, it's too tedius without them. You will still have to check your spokes after every ride.

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