Help !!!! How do you install lower steering bearing?

Hi everyone,

Being my OEM parts won't arrive until Monday and/or Tuesday, I purchased a Pivot Works bearing kit that is supposed to be for my WR426.

I am having a problem getting the lower bearing to slide down the stem. It doesn't quite make it all the way down. But here is my problem. Towards the bottom of stem, there is a lip type thing that the bearing is supposed to slide onto. By looking at the inner race, there is NO WAY it is going to slide over it. Am I missing something here? Does the outer lip thing bang off prior to sliding the bearing down? The manual isn't very clear on this.

Maybe the bearing wasn't properly packaged???? Should I just freakin wait for the OEM???

Please help a brotha out !!!!! I want to go riding this first non rain weekend.

Thanks Thumperbrothers and Sisters

Fryboy :)

I can't really tell as to what is going on, but I remember changing out my steering bearings last year, and I had to *BEAT* the lower race off the stem.

I think I had to use a pry-bar to do it.

Wish I had more for ya.

Make sure you do not have the upper bearing in the lower bearing position. Yes, the lower bearing still has to be pressed on. Find a press, make one with a vise, or have it done at the shop. Don't ruin your new bearings.

Good luck. Tom

I had the same problem and used pivot works bearings but my two were mixed up, upper vs. lower.


I know some guys use a piece of PVC pipe to "beat" the lower bearing on. That way you don't damage it. I think there is a link to this on the motoman website....

PLace the steering stem in the freezer and the bearing in the oven. I always use an induction bearing heater. The bearings slip right on.

I just went thru this myself for the first time. Let me tell you: either find someone with a bearing press or let a shop press them on for you. I let my local suspension shop press the stem out (to get the old bearing off) then they pressed the new bearing on. It took minutes, they charged me $30.00. Next time I will buy the bearings from them and they will do it for free.

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