want to remove my head light assembly 2005 WR 450 and run YZ number plate , anyone do this ? and where did you mount the odometer / power switch ?



Two 8mm hex bolts hold the headlight plastic one on each side , screwed through the main switch mount bracket on L/S and similar bracket on the right. Unplug the light connector and pull the plastic up off the grommets . The cluster has 3 connectors and 2 8mm nuts removed from below. Just wire tie or tape the harness onto the main harness.

Tried to fit YZ plate on my WR today with no luck. The speedo and fuel lights are on the way. It would be nice to keep them. Will try to relocate them later next week.


Thansk guys... i can get he headlight/plate off with no issue   it's the on - off button and odometer that need to be relocated ....thats what i'm looking for to see if anyone has done it 

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