Backfire screen?

Anybody removing the backfire screen on their bike? Pulled my air filter on my "new to me" '14 and saw the screen. Seen plenty of mentions in mag articles about removing the screens on various bikes, just don't know about doing it on the Yamaha.

Just leave it in...

I haven't seen anything definitive about the forward-facing intake setups, but I have on the earlier bikes, and the verdict by dyno test was that the presence or absence of the flash screen makes no difference whatsoever in terms of power or performance.  None.  This is because it is less restrictive than you think, in the first place, and far less so than the air filter itself.  


So, as long as you are running an air filter, the screen is insignificant.  The downside of having your filter oil set on fire, small as the chances may be, not so much. 


Leave it. 

Cool, thanks!

I ride alot of supermoto. Guys remove them trying to get that little extra. I have seen 3 bikes catch fire from not running the screens. All three were crashed and upon trying to restart backfired and caught fire. One was a 20k+ ex factory bike. I leave mine in.

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